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tesla: 5/5 stars
pranav is elon 2.0
Robotics at UCI 1 month ago
nardo: 5/5 stars
rush fiji
Phi Gamma Delta 8 months ago
acm@uci: 5/5 stars
i went to their first meeting, but they gave me the wrong ro0m, so THEN i was being in the stuck of the room with a buncha bois who were trying to exectute the learn on a popular shell language called the B A S H. ya see all i was trying to do was meet some peeple and solve some cool problem challenge things but now they be talkin bout how ta see-dee inta sum fat folder like chill out dawgs!!! you don need no class fo dat, jus serchit up when ya need it. So anyways I wasted hella time and ACM bad
Association for Computing Machinery at UC Irvine - ACM 9 months ago